10 4 3 0 6.7


Trait 1 Trait 2 Trait 3
Flight N/A N/A


Move Name Type Effect Effect If Failed Cost Notes
Laser Move Deals 2 damage. (Enemy) Deals 1 less damage. (Enemy) 0 FP N/A
Flip Move Gives "Invisible" to an ally for 1 turn, or "Confused" to an enemy for 2 turns. (Any) N/A 1 FP N/A
Timewarp Move Species with lower speed attack first. (All) N/A 1 FP N/A
Warp Speed Variant Move Gives Fast for 1 turn. (Allies) No effect. 2 FP N/A
Bullet Time Variant Move Gives Slow for 3 turns and user Fast for 3 turns. (All) No effect. 1 FP N/A
Clock Out Variant Move Gives Immobilized for 2 turns. (Enemy) No effect. 1 FP N/A
Outta Time 1 SP Move Gives "Fading Away" for 10 turns. (Enemy) N/A 5 SP N/A
Outta Time 2 SP Move Gives "Fading Away" for 10 turns. (Enemies) N/A 10 SP N/A
Outta Time 3 SP Move Gives "Fading Away" for 7 turns. (Enemy) N/A 10 SP N/A


Make enemies miss attacks and allies gain attacks. Useful for stalling purposes, like Blobule or Poison/Burn, or aggro purposes, like attacking twice with a Clubba.

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