A list of badges and items that will probably never be used.

Partner Badges

Badges that are just partner variations of other badges. (i.e. Power Plus = Power Plus P)

All or Nothing P (All or Nothing)

Charge 0 P (Charge)

Charge P (Charge)

Close Call P (Close Call)

Damage Dodge P (Damage Dodge)

Defend Badge P (Damage Dodge)

Defend Plus P (Defend Plus)

Feeling Fine P (Feeling Fine)

Flower Saver P (Flower Saver)

FP Drain P (FP Drain)

Happy Flower P (Happy Flower)

Happy Heart P (Happy Heart)

HP Drain P (HP Drain)

HP Plus P (HP Plus)

Last Stand P (Last Stand)

Lucky Day P (Pretty Lucky)

Lucky Start P (Lucky Start)

Mega Rush P (Mega Rush)

P-Down, D-Up P (P-Down, D-Up)

P-Up, D-Down P (P-Up, D-Down)

Pity Flower P (Pity Flower)

Power Plus P (Power Plus)

Power Rush P (Power Rush)

Pretty Lucky P (Pretty Lucky)

Super Appeal P (Super Appeal)

Variant Badges

Badges that are just variations of existing badges. (i.e. Power Smash = Mega Smash)

Bagon Jump (Power Jump)

Bagon Strike (Power Smash)

Charge 0 (Charge)

D-Down Pound (Piercing Blow)

Deep Focus (Super Appeal)

Defend Badge (Damage Dodge)

Dodge Master (Timing Tutor)

Happy Happy Heart (Happy Heart)

Healthy Healthy (Feeling Fine)

Ice Badge (Ice Power)

Jump Charge 0 (Charge)

Jump Charge (Charge)

Lucky Day (Pretty Lucky)

Mega Jump (Power Jump)

Mega Quake (Quake Hammer)

Mega Smash (Power Smash)

Multibounce (2) (Multibounce)

Power Quake (Quake Hammer)

S. Jump Chg. (Charge)

S. Smash Chg. (Charge)

Smash Charge 0 (Charge)

Smash Charge (Charge)

Super Charge (Charge)

Super Focus (Super Appeal)

Super Get (HP Drain)

Total Economizing (Flower Saver)

Triple Dip (Double Dip) (rest in hell)

Waluigi Emblem (W Emblem)

Identical Items

Items that look identical to other items, thus will never be added due to confusion. (i.e. Big Cookie = Zess Cookie)

Apple (Red Apple)

Big Egg (Egg)

Dyliss Deluxe (Zess Deluxe)

Dyliss Dinner (Zess Dinner)

Dyliss Dynamite (Zess Dynamite)

Dyliss Special (Zess Special)

Koopa Leaf (Turtley Leaf)

Sweet Cookie Snack (Big Cookie)

Zess Cookie (Big Cookie)

Zess Frappe (Snow Cone)

Variant Items

Items that are very similar to other items. (i.e. Mushroom = Shroom Shake)

Berry Snow Bunny (Snow Bunny)

Catch Card SP (Catch Card)

Earth Quake (POW Block)

Fright Jar (Fright Mask)

Gold Bar x3 (Gold Bar)

Gold Medal (Star Medal)

Long-Last Shake (Slow Shroom)

Shroom Shake (Mushroom)

Snowman Doll (Ice Storm)

Stinky Herb (Smelly Herb)

Super Shroom Shake (Super Shroom)

Ultra Shroom Shake (Ultra Shroom)

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