10 0 5 0 10.5


Trait 1 Trait 2 Trait 3
Flight N/A N/A


Move Name Type Effect Effect If Failed Cost Notes
Dash Move Deals 1 damage and generates 1 SP. (Enemy) Deals 1 less damage. (Enemy) 0 FP Physical attack.

Aerial attack.

Star Storm Move Deals 2 damage. (Enemies) Deals 1 less damage. (Enemies) 3 SP Aerial attack.
Clock Out Move Immobilizes for 2 turns. (Enemies) Does not immobilize. (Enemies) 5 SP N/A
Power Lift Variant Move Increases POW and DEF by more, the better you do. Lasts 2 turns. (Allies) N/A 5 SP N/A
Best Wishes Variant Move Heals by more, the better you do. (User) N/A 5 SP N/A
Star Beam Variant Move Gives 5 SP. (Selfless) N/A 5 SP N/A
Supernova SP Move Deals more damage, the better you do. Max 15. (Enemies) N/A 15 SP N/A
Sweet Feast SP Move Heals more HP, FP and BP by more, the better you do. (Allies) N/A 15 SP N/A
Chill Out SP Move Reduces POW and DEF by more, the better you do. (Enemies) N/A 15 SP N/A


It's SP or nothing. Get a bunch of SP, and then unleash hell.

Don't use a Point Swap.

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