The only good species


8 4 5 0 7.4


Trait 1 Trait 2 Trait 3


Move Name Type Effect Effect If Failed Cost Notes
Sombrero Throw Move Deals 1 damage. (Enemy) Deals 1 less damage. (Enemy) 0 FP N/A
HP Song Move Increases HP by 2, and heals 2 HP. (Any) N/A 2 FP Song attack.
FP Song Move Increases FP by 1, and replenishes 1 FP. (Any) N/A 2 FP Song attack.
BP Song Variant Move Increases BP by 1, and refreshes 1 BP. (Any) N/A 2 FP Song attack.
SPD Song Variant Move Increases SPD by 1. (Any) N/A 2 FP Song attack.
Guitar Smash Variant Move Deals 4 damage and immobilizes for 1 turn. Disables all song attacks for 2 turns. Deals 1 less damage, and does not immobilize. 0 FP Song attack.
POW Song SP Move Increases POW by 1. (Any) N/A 7 SP N/A
DEF Song SP Move Increases DEF by 1. (Any) N/A 7 SP N/A
Song of Legends SP Move Increases HP by 2, and FP, BP, DEF, SPD and POW by 1. Replenishes 2 HP, 1 FP and 1 BP. (Any) N/A 15 SP N/A


Works well with any species. Ever. I'd like you to name a species that would not benefit from a stat upgrade.

This species can single-handedly create new strategies.

Strategy: Get 2 Sombero Guys and 1 Small Sammer Guy, Get a bunch of SP-increasing items, have one Sombero Guy increase the other Sombero Guy's FP and SP and have the other Sombero Guy repeatedly increase the stats of the small sammer guy, then when the one increasing FP is low on FP, swap sombero guy roles, rinse and repeat until enemies death

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