HOW ITEMS WORK: You may take a maximum of 9 into battle (3 items for each fighter), but once you use one item, the other two will be unusable.

Exceptions include Steal (from Bandits and such) and certain badges.

Bold = New Additions

Normal Items

Items here are in the game.

Boo's Sheet

Courage Shell

Dizzy Dial

Dried Shroom

Fire Flower

Fright Mask

Ghost Shroom

Gradual Syrup

Honey Syrup

Hot Dog

Hot Sauce

HP Drain

Hustle Drink

Ice Storm

Jammin' Jelly

Life Shroom

Maple Syrup


Mighty Tonic

Mini Mr. Mini

Mr. Softener



Pal Pill

Point Swap

Poison Mushroom

Power Punch

POW Block

Repel Cape

Ruin Powder

Shooting Star

Sleepy Sheep

Slow Flower

Slow Shroom

Speed Flower

Spite Pouch

Stone Cap

Stop Watch

Super Shroom

Tasty Tonic

Thunder Rage

Ultra Shroom

Volt Shroom


Mostly items dedicated to cooking. These items are particularly hard to use.

Black Apple

Blue Apple

Blue Berry

Bone In-Cut

Bubble Berry

Cake Mix


Dayzee Tear

Dried Bouquet

Dried Fruit

Dried Pasta


Fresh Pasta Bunch

Fresh Veggie

Golden Leaf


Honey Jar


Iced Potato

Inky Sauce

Keel Mango




Mild Cocoa Bean

Mystic Egg

Peachy Peach

Pink Apple

Power Steak

Primordial Fruit

Red Apple

Red Berry

Sap Soup

Slimy Shroom

Smelly Herb

Strange Leaf

Turtley Leaf

Whacka Bump

Yellow Apple

Yellow Berry


If a cooking system is implemented, these are more likely to be used. However, they can still be used.

Apple Pie

Awesome Snack

Big Cookie

Bland Meal

Block Meal

Boiled Egg


Chocolate Cake

Choco Pasta Dish

Coco Candy

Coco Pop

Coco Soup

Couple's Cake

Courage Meal

Dangerous Delight

Dayzee Syrup

Deluxe Feast

Dyllis Breakfast

Dyllis Lunch

Egg Missile

Electro Pop

Emergency Ration

Fire Pop

Fresh Juice

Fried Egg

Fried Shroom Plate

Frozen Fries

Fruit Parfait

Fruity Cake

Fruity Hamburger

Fruity Punch

Fruity Shroom

Gingerbread House

Golden Choco-Bar

Golden Meal

Gorgeous Steak


Healthy Juice

Healthy Salad

Heartful Cake

Heavy Meal

Herb Tea

Honey Candy

Honey Shroom

Honey Super

Honey Ultra

Horsetail Tart

Hot Shroom

Icicle Pop

Ink Pasta Dish

Inky Soup

Jelly Pop

Jelly Shroom

Jelly Super

Jelly Ultra

Kooky Cookie

Koopa Dumpling

Koopa Pilaf

Koopa Tea

Koopasta Dish

Lemon Candy

Lime Candy

Love Noodle Dish

Love Pudding

Lovely Chocolate

Luxurious Set

Mango Juice

Mango Pudding

Maple Shroom

Maple Super

Maple Ultra

Meat Pasta Dish

Megaton Dinner

Meteor Meal

Miracle Dinner


Mixed Shake


Mushroom Crepe

Nutty Cake

Odd Dinner

Omelette Plate

Peach Juice

Peach Tart

Primordial Dinner

Poisoned Cake

Potato Salad

Roast Horsetail

Roast Shroom Dish

Roast Whacka Bump

Sap Muffin

Sap Syrup

Shroom Broth

Shroom Cake

Shroom Choco-Bar

Shroom Delicacy

Shroom Steak

Sky Juice

Slimy Extract

Snow Bunny

Snow Cone

Space Food

Spaghetti Plate

Special Shake

Spicy Dinner

Spicy Pasta Dish

Spicy Soup

Spit Roast

Stamina Juice

Standard Chocolate

Strange Cake

Super Soda

Sweet Choco-Bar

Sweet Shroom

Town Special

Trial Stew

Veggie Set

Volcano Shroom

Warm Cocoa

Weird Extract

Yoshi Cookie

Yummy Meal

Zess Deluxe

Zess Dinner

Zess Dynamite

Zess Special

Zess Tea

Unused Items

Currently unused items, but can be used if a good effect is thought of

Block Block

Catch Card

Dusty Hammer

Fire Burst

Fire Rod

Gold Bar

Happy Flower

HP Plus


Inn Coupon

Insecticide Grass

Mega Star


Please Come Back

Power Plus

Repel Gel

Shell Shock

Star Medal

Thunder Bolt

Trade Off


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