HOW ITEMS WORK: You may take a maximum of 3 into battle (1 item for each fighter), but once you use one item, the other two will be unusable.

Exceptions include Steal (from Bandits and such) and certain badges.

Bold = New Additions

Normal Items

Items here are in the game.

Boo's Sheet

Courage Shell

Dizzy Dial

Dried Shroom

Fire Flower

Fright Mask

Gradual Syrup

Honey Syrup

Hot Dog

Hot Sauce

HP Drain

Hustle Drink

Ice Storm

Jammin' Jelly

Life Shroom

Maple Syrup


Mighty Tonic

Mini Mr. Mini

Mr. Softener




Point Swap

Poison Mushroom

Power Punch

POW Block

Repel Cape

Ruin Powder

Shooting Star

Sleepy Sheep

Slow Flower

Slow Shroom

Speed Flower

Spite Pouch

Stone Cap

Stop Watch

Super Shroom

Tasty Tonic

Thunder Rage

Ultra Shroom

Volcano Shroom

Volt Shroom

Script-Only Items

Items that will be present in the Script Pit, but not now.

Ghost Shroom

Pal Pill