Friends, Family, Fame is the seventh roleplay of GP 2015, and is the starring role of the Boo Sisters, Skeleotta and Meloetta, and it was roleplayed on the 1st of December, 2015.


As most roleplays start off, it was a basic day in the Glitz Pit. The battlers were getting ready, and Tubba was telling stories no one cared about in the locker rooms. When the battle begun, Xavier was told he was unable to fight, because well, Chubba just hates him.

Soon, with The Show Stoppers attempting to defend their title, Meloetta and Skeloetta were debating tactics, and Tubba, knowing how teams that involved family didn't tend to work out when they had arguments, the two began holding up the battle to hold said argument.

Suddenly, like in most cliché roleplays, and most of the roleplays before, the lights turned off, and when they came back on, Meloetta was missing. Yoshi, being the insane dinosaur he is, instantly began running around screaming "MARTIANS! MARTIANS!"

The battlers, led by Tubba, with some sense, although he was still lacking in his major brains, because of Brainfade, began searching around the pit for Meloetta.

more to come. tAHNKS EELE EFO RLYING HTANKS >:L* >:(((

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