20 1 2 0 0.8


Trait 1 Trait 2 Trait 3


Move Name Type Effect Effect If Failed Cost Notes
Ram Move Deals 1 damage. (Front) Deals 1 less damage. (Front) 0 FP Physical attack.

Ground attack.

Quake Move Deals 1 damage. (Enemies) Deals 1 less damage. (Enemies) 1 FP Ground attack.

Quake attack.

Boulder Toss Move Deals 4 damage. (Enemies) Deals 1 less damage. (Enemies) 4 FP N/A
Solid Stone Variant Move Increases DEF by 2 for 0 - 3 turns. (Ally) N/A 2 FP N/A
Tradesies Variant Move Lose 2 BP, but gain 2 FP. (Any) Deals 1 less damage. (Any) 2 BP N/A
Square One Variant Move Reverts user's and a target's stats back to where they started. Removes status effects. (Selfless) N/A 2 FP N/A
Independence 1 SP Move Increases max FP by 2. (User) N/A 4 SP N/A
Independence 2 SP Move Increases max BP by 3. (User) N/A 4 SP N/A
Independence 3 SP Move Increases max POW by 1. (User) N/A 6 SP N/A


Very difficult to use unless you have a team that surrounds the usage of it.

Note that Square One can heal up to 19 health at once. This makes Floro Cragnien potentially the best healer ever.

Helpful species include Sombrero Guy and Ackpow. Otherwise, badge it up, and give a talk to Chet Rippo.

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