1 1 1 0 0.1


Trait 1 Trait 2 Trait 3
Stats double after every turn. N/A N/A


Move Name Type Effect Effect If Failed Cost Notes
Slap Move Deals 3 damage. (Front) N/A 0 FP Physical attack.
Spook Move Immobilizes for 3 turns. (Front) N/A 0 FP Physical attack.
Invisify Move Gives "Invisible" for 3 turns. (Any) N/A 0 FP N/A
Possess Variant Move Gives "Haunted." (Enemy) N/A 0 FP N/A
Trick Variant Move Gives "No Skills" on 1 attack for 3 turns, steals that attack. (Front) N/A 0 FP N/A
Slabless Curse Variant Move Curses for 3 turns. (Enemy) N/A 0 FP N/A
Boo Shakalaka 1 SP Move Immobilizes for 2 turns. (Enemies) N/A 3 SP N/A
Boo Shakalaka 2 SP Move Immobilizes and curses for 2 turns. (Enemies) N/A 6 SP N/A
Boo Shakalaka 3 SP Move Immobilizes, curses and softens for 2 turns. (Enemies) N/A 9 SP N/A


If you keep it alive, it becomes a living nightmare.

None of it's attacks are blockable or cost FP, and it becomes undefeatable once its HP gets going.

But it probably won't get going.

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