Chubba's Vacation was the first roleplay of the Glitz Pit, 2015. It involved close-to-everyday life in the Glitz Pit when it was roleplayed on the 30th of July.


Chubba's Vacation begins when Dibby and the battlers learn of the fact that Chubba, the host, is not going to be there for five days. The first day passes by rather uneventfully, as did the second day, with the only major thing of note being the "faulty wiring" causing some slight fires. The third day involved Squiggy falling to a 'shroom-scheme' to Yoshi, Dibby had begun to develop a flu from being overworked by Chubba.

Tubba, being the natural leader and his background, as the son of a king, had to hold some control over the Glitz Pit. However, a lapse in attention on the fourth and final night, which involved him and Red beginning to cook some weenies over a campfire they set in the Blue Major league locker room.

The result of that was that the Glitz Pit was entirely set into flames, and everyone had to run out. Darius, Red, Yoshi and Tubba fell down into a crate, forcing Dibby to pull Red and Darius out of the crate, and due to Tubba's weight, the inability to pull him up led to Yoshi feeding himself and Tubba shrooms, so they could jump out. The fire, by this point, had spread, leading to all the battlers running outside-- except Squiggy. Red, being immune to fire, as he is a Fire Bro, runs and saves Squiggy. Tubba, as well, joining Red to save Squiggy, ends up getting himself caught inside the flames, forcing Dibby to come back and save him in the vent.

After Squiggy steals the show and uses his element to put out the flames, a clash between Darius, Xavier and Tubba ensued. After the three of them heal relations, Dibby insists she takes the blame for the fire. When Chubba arrives the next morning, all the battlers clamour over each other to take the blame, before Chubba reveals: He set the fire. Chubba's motives were geared around money: He had bought life insurance on all the battlers. Tubba, realizing this, attacks Chubba, only to falter against Chubba using 'Ace of Clubs.'

Chubba reveals that 'who needs a heart when you have money?' and calls Tubba the non-existent, pitiful shadow. The two brothers continue to clash, and after Chubba reveals that they are STUCK in the pit, Tubba realizes that it is better off dead than with Chubba. However, a failure in motive, led to Tubba, the weakest link, overlooking the edge of Glitzville, and saying, "Damn it. I can't do it." After that, the roleplay ended.












Original idea worked on by the greater Glitz Pit community.

Eelee345 and CielBlue worked on the finer details of the plot.

JamieROFL provided the main plot twist.


A sequel has been confirmed: Confliction.

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