Chubba's Birthday was the 3rd RP of GP 2015, and was roleplayed on the 30th of August, 2015. It, as the title implied, revolved around host Chubba's 23rd birthday.


The battlers begin the roleplay in the locker room, wondering what to get Chubba. In the process, they all give the presents they have to Shyer, whose birthday happens to be the day before Chubba's birthday. However, Tubba is reclusive, and as the brother of Chubba, one would expect him to know what to give him. He tells them that Chubba likes his vanity, and so a couple of them, such as Green Blooper and Punto, buy mirrors. Eventually, after much talking, the battlers bed down for the night.

The next morning, the big feast for Chubba is in order. Chubba gets the best meal, of course, whereas everyone else have their meals are slowly decreasing in value until finally, down to Tubba, where he has a Mistake. Chubba excuses himself to the washroom, but Tubba follows. However, after Tubba returns, Chubba doesn't return for quite some time. The battlers and Dibby split up to look for him, only to find the washrooms eerily empty.

Soon, they begin suspecting Tubba, after all, he was the last one to see Chubba, but what could possibly be his motive? Soon, they corner Tubba, and put him in "THE CABINET" Tubba had previously been put in the Cabinet, but on that occassion, he was innocent, despite interrogation after interrogation, Dibby and co. cannot find a way to break him-- and so they release him, because the only possible solution is that he's innocent.

As they ponder over who it could be, there's an announcement to come down to the arena. And lo and behold, holding Chubba captive, bound and gagged, is his brother, Tubba Red Clubba. He gives them a speech about how Chubba has ruined his life, about how he's been overshadowed by his brother at every turn. Before they can do anything, he pulls his club up and is about to smash it into Chubba's head.

"And now, Chubba, I would like to say.....


Tubba's grip slackens, and then he drops the club, and pulls out a Mystery Box. A present.

The two brothers reveal that Tubba is happy... or perhaps that's the wrong word, satisfied with his life as the sidekick, the lieutenant, and the two brothers have just pranked the battlers and Dibby.










Green Blooper






Eelee345 worked on it all.

JamieROFL provided some of the roleplay assistance.

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